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About Us

B&C Telcom Products was established in June 2003 and is headquartered in St. Charles, IL. We are a family-owned small business that has the ability to treat each customer with the personal care they deserve.

B&C’s product line is available in the world marketplace. All of our products are Made in America and are RUS approved. For obligations on RUS listed materials, please visit:  https://www.rd.usda.gov/files/UTP-form395-rules_regulations.pdf

As quickly as B&C can develop a product, it gets approved at major telephone companies. Our RUS approved products undergo a rigorous testing regimen. These products include micro-couplers and our innovative Push-2-Connect couplers along with our Micro Duct Brackets.

Working with these large telecom providers is something that we are proud of and is a testament to the quality of our product line. Additionally, we strive to work for and earn business with the Independent phone companies as well. Whether we need to assist in planning, troubleshooting, supply chain logistics, training, or merely checking in from time to time, we appreciate our ILEC partners and welcome any new challenges or ideas they bring our way.

In this industry, quality, lead time and price are the most important factors influencing a buyer’s decision on which product to choose for their network. B&C will ship orders received on the SAME DAY! 99% of our products will be in stock and ready for delivery. There aren’t any hoops that you have to jump through to get your order out the door. With us, it is fast and easy to get a hold of the products you needed yesterday!