Duct/Cable Slitter

Introducing B&C Universal Duct/Cable Slitter for 10mm -60mm

Duct/Cable Slitter

Part Number

BC-DS6220   (Cutter) (Slitter) (Window Cutter)

BC-HB6299  (Hook Blade)



Specially engineered for professional stripping of the outer sheath of all LV and HV cables

Having min outer diameter of 25mm (for round cutting only) and outer sheath thickness up to 5mm


Technical characteristics

  • The tool is composed by: the body with built-in stripping blade double use and an advancing toothed lever
  • The tool is very comfortable for use both for longitudinal cutting and round cutting (along the circumference of the cable) starting from one end or from an intermediate point of LV and HV cables
  • The cutting depth is adjustable without use of any tool, from 0-5mm with 0, 1mm trips each (by corresponding knob)
  • For control of the right position of the blade, markings at the body’s sides indicate the position of cutting “0”, +10mm, +20mm and +30mm
  • The blade is provided with flat side (in respect of the cutting edge) also acting as retain guide
  • Blade advancing is obtained by acting the lever
  • The blade is engineered and shaped in such a way to allow the stripping of cable’s outer sheath of different materials, even with the aluminum screen up to a thickness of 5mm, without damaging the inner cable’s wires
  • The blade is composed by two cutting edges and can be turned 180* when one side is worn out or damaged
  • The blade is replaceable without use of any tool
  • The stripping operations can be carried out also at low temperatures (-10*)

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